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The Data Sovereignty Initiative:

SMART Solutions for Tribal Communities

What is the Data Sovereignty Initiative?

  • The DSI is a framework Dr. Robertson designed from his doctoral work titled: The Impact of Data Sovereignty on American Indian Self-Determination: A Framework Proof of Concept using Data Science.
  • The Data Sovereignty Initiative is collection of methods and concepts that is a way to responsibly bridge science and culture.

The DSI is a framework that consists of the merging of many interdisciplinary ideas such as higher education, citizen science, data science, governance, and analytics.

Two Primary drivers of the DSI framework:

  • Data Sovereignty is the act of democratization of data for the communities benefit
  • Establishing solid Data Ethics Principles are fundamental to providing different communities with intelligence that works for them and how to provide access to that information.

The design of the Data Sovereignty Initiative is to provide an interdisciplinary system of analytical theories built using data science that intersects :

  • Culture
  • Nation Building
  • Higher Education
  • Pedagogical Design
  • Citizen Science

The initiative continues to establish a new praxis in understanding American Indian Tribal Sovereignty through the concept Data Sovereignty.

What are Possible Data Science Related Questions?

  • How can we translate data science into the conceptualization of self-determination?
  • How do we empower our Tribal communities to undertake data science tasks on their own?
  • How do we unify a data platform across all of Indian Country?
  • How is this accomplished using nation building?
  • How important is higher education in using credible research in not only data analysis, but policy decisions?

The DSI Key Indicators

        The Four Definitions & Why They are Important:

  1. Tribal Community & Culture : Because Culture Matters
  2. Tribal Governance: Because Sovereignty Matters
  3. Data Management: Because Unifying Data in Indian Country is Paramount
  4. Data Domains: An Open Way to Examine Data Driven Decision-Making

So What is Operational Data Capacity?

Mato Ohitika Analytics LLC defines Operational Data Capacity is defined as the extent in which an organization has achieved maturity in data collection, management and how that data has been used to inform decisions.

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