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The Data Sovereignty Initiative

The DSI is a framework that consists of the merging of many interdisciplinary ideas such as higher education, citizen science, data science, governance, and analytics.

The design of the Data Sovereignty Initiative is to provide an interdisciplinary system of analytical theories built using data science that intersects :

  • Culture
  • Nation Building
  • Higher Education
  • Pedagogical Design
  • Citizen Science

The initiative continues to establish a new praxis in understanding American Indian Tribal Sovereignty through the concept Data Sovereignty.

Mato Ohitika's 2024 Current Data Science Research

Machine Learning 

  • Integrating Deep Learning Models into Arc GIS
  • Image Classification of Drone Surveys
  • Covid-19 Time Series Analysis
  • Master Address Files

Artificial Intelligence

  • Natural Language Processing for Indigenous AI
  • Training Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) for Language Models
  • Iot Analytics R&D
  • AI image classifiers in the ArcGIS Field Apps

Data Science

  • Remastering the Past Initiative
  • Building Digital Infrastructure
  • Drone Mapping
  • Gerrymandering
  • Native Vote
  • Location Analytics

SMART Solutions for Tribal Communities:

Using Machine Learning and AI to Change

the Way We Think About Economic Development

Mato Ohitika is currently working on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence  Research and Development to create unique data science digital infrastructure for tribes to use in nation building, strategic planning, and economic development.

Please contact Mato Ohitika Analytics to learn more about this.

Keywords: Data Sovereignty, American Indian, Native American, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Statistics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, nation building, community building, tribal sovereignty, American Indian tribes, federal indian law.