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Mato Ohitika Analytics LLC's

Response to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) 

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Covid-19 Analysis Phases

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Wednesday June 10, 2020                                                                                                     

Mato Ohitika Analytics has been working on a state emerging trends and hot spots to better understand local county influences during the Covid-19 Pandemic still occuring in the United States. This pandemic is not over and despite our government's denial of this fact, we need to stay diligent in reporting the facts as we know them and as they come in.

Here is a preview:


Current Covid-19 Updates

Mato Ohitika Analytics Covid 19 Emerging Hot Spots US Confirmed 6-4-20
Mato Ohitika Analytics Covid 19 Emerging Hot Spots US Confirmed 6-4-20
Mato Ohitika Analytics Covid 19 US Emerging Trends Confirmed 6-04-20
Mato Ohitika Analytics Covid 19 US Emerging Trends Confirmed 6-04-20
Mato Ohitika Analytics Covid 19 US Emerging Trends Deaths 6-04-20
Mato Ohitika Analytics Covid 19 US Emerging Trends Deaths 6-04-20

Here are some links to understanding the data:

John Hopkins University Center Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE):

Covid-19 Live Map

JH Blog on Mapping Covid-19

The current data on Github and Daily Situation Reports:

CSSEGIS Covid Data on Github

The Current Data Available from USA Facts:

USA Facts Coronavirus Locations: Covid-19 Map by County and State

World o Meters Coronovirus

Updated 6-1-20

Current Covid-19 Trends

January 22, 2020 to June 4, 2020

Thursday May 7, 2020                                                                                                     

Mato Ohitika Analytics has released Phase IV & Phase V of the preliminary analysis of the Covid-19 Space Time Cube.

This includes multiple map series of the Covid-19 Virus confirmed cases that were constructed using a Space Time Cube (STC).

The data is courtesy of USA Facts, Thank you!

Here is the full project by Phase:

To make things easier to navigate I have prepared an easy index to the map series found below:

Set I - The Nationwide Covid-19 Confirmed Cases in the US by County


  1. The set of maps using the Mann-Kendall Test for trends in the US by county, nationwide.
  2. The set of maps showing the Emerging Hot Spots in the US by county nationwide.

Mato Ohitika Analytics Current  2020

Research & Development Topics

Artificial Intelligence: CNN, RNN, Tensorflow, Natural Language Processing, Iot Analytics, GEOAI

Machine Learning: Support Vector Machines, Image Classification, Deep Learning

Database Management: R: RSQLite, dplyr, csv, SAS

Python Libraries: Sci-kit Learn, numpy, NLTK

Geo-Spatial Analysis: ArcGIS Pro, Spatial Analyst tools, Survey123, Workforce, Collector

The Data Sovereignty Initiative

The Data Sovereignty Initiative is a collection of ideas that forms the data sovereignty framework. The data sovereignty framework conceptually is an intriguing way to incorporate a nation building approach, coupled with higher education as the foundation for integration of data science throughout Indian country. The term Indian country is a term that has been defined as “country within which Indian laws and customs and federal laws (United States) relating to Indians are generally acceptable”.

Initially, the goal was to critically examine Federal Indian Law and policy to better understand how the use of data could be used in American Indian tribes’ economic planning and development. The foundations of this framework have evolved into a proof of concept system of data collection and practice that involve the use of four key indicators addressing not only analytical data driven metrics, but cultural and tribal governance metrics. In a nation building approach, governing institutions match indigenous political culture.

Mato Ohitika Anaytics Smart Logo 2020
Mato Ohitika Analytics DSI Key Indicators 2020
Mato Ohitika Analytics DSI Key Descriptors 2020
Mato Ohitika Analytics DSI SMART Solution 2020

SMART Solutions for Tribal Communities:

Using Machine Learning and AI to Change

the Way We Think About Economic Development

Mato Ohitika is currently working on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence  Research and Development to create unique data science digital infrastructure for tribes to use in nation building, strategic planning, and economic development.

Please contact Mato Ohitika Analytics to learn more about this.

Keywords: Data Sovereignty, American Indian, Native American, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Statistics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, nation building, community building, tribal sovereignty, American Indian tribes, federal indian law.

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