Leveraging Technology to Create

SMART Solutions

The rapid advancement of technology has allowed for unprecedented computational power, speed of analysis, and digital infrastructure that allows nearly anyone to perform analyses that were once thought impossible. Here are a few of my favorite platforms:

The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)

The  R statistical software is the   

de-facto standard for many statisticians, scientists, and researchers.

The rich and diverse set of packages that do just about anything you can think of make R an incredible tool to perform many statistical analyses. In fact, R has become so popular that it stacks on Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure cloud platforms as well.

ArcGIS Online / ArcGIS Pro

ESRI's ArcGIS platform that provides the science of where is an incredibly powerful platform that enhances the passions I have in analyzing spatial data. The suite includes many great tools such as story maps, machine learning, and a high level of sophistication in deploying spatial solutions to apps designed for efficient work in the field using GIS.

The Python Programming Language

The current research and development is understanding and implementation of deep learning and artificial intelligence to create SMART solutions for Tribal communities. The machine learning libraries such as sci-kit learn, NLTK, keras, tensorflow, pandas, and Jupyter are essential tools for this research.

Python is also an incredible tool to utilize in all types of situations. ESRI's ArcGIS Pro has python integration, and the libraries make it an invaluable tool for Mato Ohitika's research.

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