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Covid-19 Analysis Phases

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Mato Ohitika Analytics LLC Conducted Covid-19 Research

From March 2020 - September 2020.

The Construction Phases of the Space Time Cube (STC) and

the Maps Associated with the Project are Archived Here.

The Page is Peridocially Updated but is Currently Inactive

Last Updated 03/27/2021

Maps Last Updated 09/26/2020

Current Covid-19 Updates

Last updated September 28, 2020

Current Covid-19 Trends

January 22, 2020 to September 26, 2020 (249 Days)


Here are some links to understanding the data:

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JHU on Github and Daily Situation Reports:

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Covid Tracking Project:

The Coronavirus from USA Facts:

USA Facts Coronavirus Locations

World o Meters Coronovirus

Updated 10-02-2020

The Covid-19 Space Time Cube Project (Update) (updated 9/26/20)

Mato Ohitika Analytics LLC began an analysis of Covid-19 in the early weeks of March 2020 to try and understand the Coronavirus Pandemic in real time. As the pandemic has spread across the globe, we have learned much in a few short months.

Dr. Robertson's work in developing this STC has allowed for continued research and development in other aspects such as contact tracing, time series forecasting to name a few.

Mato Ohitika Analytics LLC is committed to provide communities with data that works for them.

2020 Space Time Cube Chronology

This work was primarily an exploratory process of mapping using the STC coding schemes to generate data for Mato Ohitika's Citizen Science Intiative. These maps have provided a wealth of time series information, however we continue to evolve, other information must be examined.

Thus, Mato Ohitika Analytics  LLC has constructed a STC for states using data from the Covid-19 Tracking Project. This has many uses such as providing support for time series forecasting and contact tracing apllications.

Current US State Level Analysis:

September 26, 2020: First two-week Time Series for South Dakota.

The US County Level STC Construction Analysis:

April 10, 2002: Phase I: A Preliminary Analysis of the Covid-19 Pandemic

April 21, 2020: Phase II: A Look at Where the Covid-19 Data is and What it Means

April 23, 2020: Phase III: Building a Working Space Time Cube

May 05, 2020: Phase IV: Emerging Hot Spot and Trends Mapping Preview

The US County Level Map Series: (Depreciated, these maps series are closed for further updates for now)

May 07, 2020: Phase V: The Maps Series Meta & Designs

                                 Phase V: The Maps Series I US Countywide (Confirmed Cases)

                                 Phase V: The Maps Series II US County Level(Confirmed Cases)

Phase V: The Maps Series III US County Level(Confirmed Deaths)