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Mato Ohitika's Guiding Principles

My name is Joseph Robertson. I am an enrolled member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation located in northeast South Dakota. As a Dakota citizen, I have always strived to adhere to principles that reflect our community, cultural values, history, and ethics that advocate for equitable interaction between our Tribal communities and non-tribal stakeholders to maximize the a data driven approach to solving problems.

The goals are centered around:

  • Native-Centric Design Strategies
  • Horizontal Hybridized Governance Structures
  • Integrity in Data Driven Decision Making
  • Open Source Information Technology Through Nation Building

I have developed a concept called the Data Sovereignty Initiative, Creating SMART Solutions for Tribal Communities. It is a native-centric horizontal governance framework designed to create SMART solutions for tribal communities. The fundamental reason that I have pursued this area of study is to provide an ethical, cultural, and community based consultancy that is designed by an American Indian, for nation building to assist tribal communities with economic development, strategic planning, and data driven decision-making.

Data Governance Strategies in Consulting

In addition, I have developed a consulting square that helps guide the conversations about statistical consulting and how a colleague and I designed this square for Mato Ohitika's governing philosophy. Like with everything Mato Ohitika does, this square is the result of extensive research in consulting books, articles, and many design sessions.

To obtain a copy click here:

Mato Ohitika Consulting Square

Should you choose to use this in any way, please properly cite Mato Ohitika Analytics LLC and  Gemechis Djira, PhD as the authors of this concept. Thank you.

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