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The Data Sovereignty Initiative:

SMART Solutions for Tribal Communities

What is the Data Sovereignty Initiative?

Joseph's Data Sovereignty Initiative has been designing a framework with a set of well-defined key indicators to promote Native nation building as a horizontal governance strategy rather than top-down. This allows for maximum exposure of local tribal stakeholders in the process of collaborative data sharing and planning using citizen science.

In October2018 I began working on a white paper that describes the design of the DSI, I will be releasing the metrics soon so stay tuned!

What is Your Smart Solution for Your Tribal Community?

I presented this Proof of Concept in San Diego at the 2017 ESRI UC and as this continues to develop as my dissertation comes to a close in 2018, I will post further developments as they become available.

For more information how I can design a SMART solution for your organization, feel free to contact me through the email links on my webpage. Thank you!

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